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Family Dental Clinic In Langham, Saskatchewan

Your Trusted Family Dental Clinic in Langham, Saskatchewan

At Langham Dental, we believe in providing a high-quality standard of oral treatments in a caring and comfortable environment. Our dentists have a wealth of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry.

They are confident in all aspects of oral health, such as tooth extraction, root canal therapy, invisalign, dentures and much more. Dental emergencies are welcome.


Our Dental Treatments

We are passionate about improving the dental health and overall well-being of our patients. Below you can find a description of some of the treatments we offer.


Root Canal Therapy

We help restore a beautiful smile and functionality of your teeth.

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Teeth Whitening

With whitening procedures, we beautify your teeth and smile.

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Tooth Extraction

We offer wisdom teeth extraction on the case basis

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With dentures and partials, we fill the gaps to bring a healthy smile.

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Dental Fillings

We offer composite and amalgam fillings.

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Crowns & Bridges

We help cover the damaged teeth with crowns and bridges.

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Invisaligns are clear retainers.

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Porcelain Veneers

We provide veneers to patients who want a complete smile makeover.

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Get The Care & Comfort You Deserve!

Our qualified dentists are here to make family dentistry readily available by working around your schedule. With a patient-centered approach, we aim to put you at ease as we advise and guide you through the steps to making your mouth feel healthy and happy.

On your first visit to our clinic, we'll conduct an assessment to understand your unique condition. After that, we will complete an examination based on the findings. Finally, we will formulate a treatment plan that works best for you.

We Offer

Hygiene Facility

Our hygienist will assess your medical and dental history with respect to your confidentiality and privacy. Every patient routine will be:

  • Completing comprehensive assessments of the condition of your teeth and gum
  • Screening for oral diseases such as oral cancer
  • Explaining treatment and then getting your permission to provide that treatment
  • Referring you to another health care practitioner if they find an area of concern
  • Discussing your oral health with you
  • Developing a personalized care plan in which oral disease prevention is a priority
  • Explaining how dental hygiene care can help you have a healthy mouth and body
  • Offering safe, effective dental hygiene therapies that restore gum health and prevent cavities and gum disease

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